"Art is happiness"
Małgorzata Palczewska
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About me
Graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture at Szczecin University of Technology. Member of the Artistic Association for European Integration (SAIE). She captures the reality in her paintings, oil, acrylic and watercolour paintings. She displays all what contains the beauty but not only that. She depicts people, animals, landscapes, flowers and paint abstract paintings. She also draws and paints architecture. Her art belongings to collectors in multiple countries in Europe, US, China and Japan.
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  • Plein air exhibition - International Art Workshops
  • Plein air exhibition - Wisełka
  • "Time horizons" - Jubilee Exhibition, Pomerania Dukes' Castle in Szczecin
  • "What we really know about love..." - West Pomeranian Centre of Oncology
  • Exhibition, Castle - Museum, Penkun, Germany
  • Exhibition in Fachwerkkirche - Luckow, Germany
  • Exhibition - Main Library of Westpomeranian University of Technology - Szczecin
  • Exhibition - The Pomeranian Library, Szczecin
  • "The Association" - HQ MNC NE, Szczecin
  • "The Meadows and Fields", West Pomeranian Centre of Oncology Szczecin
  • Exhibition "The Aura of Szczecin" ProMedia MBP, Szczecin
  • Exhibition "For My Mother" - "Pod Fontanną", Szczecin
  • "Around Us" - Gallery Suplement - Szczecin
  • "Police and Sczecin" - Main Library in the name of Maria Skłodowska Curie - Police
  • "Police and Sczecin" - The Literary Gallery Police
  • "Sala 108" GalleryStargard
  • XIII Assembly of the Szczecin Culture Society - Opera Szczecin
  • "Berlinear" NaKole Gallery - Berlin, Germany
  • Exhibition - Hotel Port River Manavgat, Turkey
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And so she used to draw when she was young.

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